Flu Vaccination Programme

Flu Vaccination for the 50-64’s

From 1 December, for the first time ever, we will be permitted to start offering vaccines to the 50-64 year olds on the NHS. 


We are happy to report that, despite national issues sourcing additional flu vaccines, we have taken delivery of supplies for our 50-64 year olds.


In total we will be offering the vaccination to around 1,500 additional qualifying patients.  Clearly we won’t be able to offer you all an appointment immediately however over the next few weeks we will be contacting our 50-64 year olds to book appointments.


Our aim is to vaccinate this additional group of patients by the end of January i.e.: before the flu season typically fully kicks in.  Having to staff a COVID vaccination programme may impact our flu delivery programme however we will endeavour to keep you updated.


To continue with ensuring social distancing i.e.: keeping you, other patients and the practice team safe you are likely to be asked to travel to either Kiln Farm or Whitehouse Park Health Centre for your vaccination but be assured both sites have ample parking.

Flu Stock

We order a number of different vaccine types for different patient groups.

Each vaccine type is arriving at different times and so we will be inviting each group of patient when we have the right vaccine available.  We can only give you the vaccine appropriate for your qualifying group so please don’t come before we have invited you otherwise you will have a wasted appointment. 

For your information on 25 September our vaccines for our patients aged 65 and over arrived.

on 14 September our first delivery of vaccines for our younger patients (under 5’s) arrived.

The vaccines for our “At Risk’s” patients i.e.: those who are under 65 and who have a chronic condition (asthma, diabetes, HF, etc) are arriving in staged deliveries starting first week of October through until the middle of November.

The vaccines for this year’s new qualifying group, the 50-64 year olds has started to become available and we will be permitted to administer the vaccine from 1 December 2020.

Location of Flu Clinics

Our flu clinics are going to be running from:

6 Burners Lane

Kiln Farm

Milton Keynes

MK11 3HB (at the Age UK Furniture Warehouse)


Please DO NOT use the Furniture Warehouse Entrance, please use our special entrance which will be marked with a Watling Street Network PCN sign (see attached image).

Please DO NOT telephone Age UK.  All queries should be made via the practice. Age UK are kindly loaning us a room and have absolutely nothing to do with the flu clinics so we must not bother them.

Any cancellations / requests to change appointment times must be made by telephoning the practice, do not present at Kiln Farm with those requests.

WSN Sign.pdf

Guidance for patients to keep you safe

To keep all patients and staff safe and to ensure social distancing the timings of these clinics is of paramount importance.  By running to time we can ensure we do not exceed a safe number of people in the building at any one time, we can ensure there is sufficient time to change PPE and we can ensure we have sufficient time to clean down our workstations between patients to keep you all safe.

  • You must not arrive early.  If you arrive early you will be asked to return to wait in your car
  • There are no toilets on site for patients
  • Patients must arrive alone, unless you genuinely need someone to assist you with walking
  • Patients must not arrive with symptoms of COVID
  • Each person entering the clinic will have their temperature checked on arrival and if it is high you will be sent away
  • Every person entering our flu clinics must wear a face covering
  • Patients are asked to wear loose clothing (preferably short sleeves) ensuring the top of the arm is quickly accessible
  • To ensure social distancing and to ensure the safety of all patients and staff the timings of our flu clinics is of paramount importance.  Therefore pleased be advised that there will be no opportunity to talk about other health concerns, ask for a prescription, ask for blood tests, enquire about test results, make other appointments and so on.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  

Watling Street Network PCN: 2020-21 Flu Vaccination Programme Plan

Date:          19 August 2020



The Watling Street Network is a PCN is made up of Stony Medical Centre, Watling Vale Medical Centre and Hilltops Medical Centre.

From its inception in 2017 WSN PCN has had a stated desire to work collaboratively. 

The member practices have a similar and shared approach to clinical care.  We believe that our shared ethos, openness and transparency continue to ensure the best chance of a success when collaborating. 

Since 2017 we have been working to enable our shared goals based around:

  • Are we stronger together?
  • Are opportunities and benefits enhanced when working collaboratively?
  • Do our patients and our staff have a better experience when we work together?


Purpose of this Plan

To outline our plan to deliver a PCN wide safe (in the context of COVID 19), high quality influenza vaccine campaign.   

We ere aiming to deliver vaccinations to more eligible patients than last year, targeting those most in need and in hard to reach groups. 

The 2020-21 flu vaccination effort will be different to any we have seen before as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Not only do the member practices of WSN PCN feel we can deliver a better vaccination programme if we deliver it together, we believe working as a PCN gives us the best chance of delivering the increased number of vaccinations required this year, within the mandated timeframe and importantly doing so while ensuring our practice teams and our patients remain safe.


Baseline and Numbers 



Stony MC

Watling Vale MC Hilltops MC TOTAL

Existing Eligible

Over 65’s and those with medical conditions that place them at risk

(Exc. new at risk groups & exc  4-11 y/olds)
3,966 2,974 4,850 11,790

New Eligible,

New risk group for 2020/21 ie:  50-64’s
1,848 2,236 2,395 6,479

Aged 4-11 yrs @ 31 Aug 2020 – part of schools programme

926 1,436 2,026 4,388




2-3 year olds

Fluenz® Tetra Nasal vaccination (AstraZeneca)

Sourced from Government central supplies
We aim to commence immunising the 2-3 year olds as soon as the children’s vaccine is available to us, this could be as early as the middle of September.
Over 65’s

Trivalent injection

Purchased by the PCN from Seqirus

Our vaccinations are due in 2 batches at the end of September and the middle of October. 

Invitations will be sent from the PCN and appointments phased to ensure social distancing as well as ensuring at all times we have adequate supplies.
Under 65’s with qualifying medical condition

Quadrivalent injection

Purchased by the PCN from Sanofi Pasteur

Our vaccinations are due in 4 batches from the end of September through until the end of November.  

Invitations will be sent from the PCN and appointments phased to ensure social distancing as well as ensuring at all times we have adequate supplies.
50-64 year olds


Sourced from Government central supplies

The government will not make the vaccinations available for this new group until the end of November at the earliest. 

As soon as we can source supplies invitations will be sent.




We intend to deliver the majority of our flu vaccinations from a shared location in Kiln Farm, jointly staffed by members of each of the practices that make up the Watling Street Network.


Prioritisation and invitation 

Phased invitations will be sent from the PCN with appointment slots scheduled to ensure social distancing as well as ensuring at all times we have adequate supplies. 

Immunisations will be prioritised as follows: 

  • Care homes and NHS staff
  • 65+ with one or more risk factors, <65 with 2+ risk factors
  • Single risk factor with respiratory and diabetes being targeted first
  • Phase 4 50-64 year olds

 Children will be targeted during half term.


 Risks to delivery

  • Practice nurse capacity
  • Availability of vaccines
  • COVID 19 vaccine
  • Premises
  • Issues with IT HUB
  • Wifi connectivity at site
  • CQC intervention
  • Insurance issues (staffing and public indemnity)